– Do you know him? – asked Kate looking at my pale face.

I couldn’t resist staring at him.  In white shirt and faded  jeans he looked as handsome as always.

He smiled at me and his eyes were saying “I make no apologies” even before he opened his mouth and said:

– You look so good. I knew you would be better without me.

Every single word was like a stab.

But I lied  through my teeth:

-How nice to see you again.

Part one of this short fiction is here. I  write it using daily prompts to improve my English. 

My dictionary

  • An apology is an act of saying sorry.  

synonymus: expression of regret, regrest; 

an apology from …

full of apologies = extremely sorry

a written apology

  •  apology – a message politely telling someone that you cannot be present at their meeting or party 
  • be an apology for  something  – to be  an extremely bad example of something
  • make no apologies – to believe that what you have done is right or acceptable



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