On Monday morning I met my friend Kate in our favourite French cafe. It’s our way to make Mondays more bearable.

We were sitting in the corner in cozy armchairs drinkig coffee and eating croissants and we were working on our project.  The cafeteria is small and quiet.

Someone came. I was trying to decide on photos when Kate said:

– Wow! Look at that guy. What a dramatic view!

Although it was hot summer I felt frozen when I saw him. His eyes so deep, his mouth so red, his chin so strong, his body so tempting. Attractive as he had been.

Our relationship was tragic. I loved him, he only pretended. He broke my heart and went away.


This is only a fiction short story, my way to learn English better (I suppose).  I use daily prompts. 

  1. dramatic – very sudden or noticeable, or full of acction and excitement

synonymus: exciting, sensational, spectacular, startling, unexpected, thrilling, tense, suspenseful, eclectrifying, stirring, affecting

a dramatic view / description: striking, impressive, vivid, spectacular, breath-taking, moving, affecting, emotive, graphic, effective, powerful

2. dramatic – relating to plays or acting

synonymus: theatrical, stage, dramaturgić, Thespian

a dramatic gesture – theatrical, artificial, exaggerated, overdone, stagy, histrionic


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